The light in the dark 



My feet planted in the ground,

I could feel moss swallowing them whole

Roots, tangent vines, corkscrew movements up my body and around my heart.

 In fear of being stung,

I made a barrier there.

A stone structure that kept the vines away

But also the daisies.

I grew up with the fingers of another person

I grew up with the clothes of another group

I grew up with the fear of ever letting my family down if I changed

My mom tells me soft words I used to say when I was a child

“I want to live my life in pink.”

But now I sit in darker shades, trying to hide scars and hidden agony under piles of clothing

And nobody shuts up

My walls are falling and the vines are getting in

Thorns are sharper in anticipated and I am sinking


My lungs feel so compacted and I don’t feel a reason to stay buried beneath the layers

Until a rose blossomed.

A rose blossomed in the thorns

It seemed so scared

But when I reached for it I was stuck with thorns

The thorns felt so sweet

I loved the sensation of the blood that cascaded down my flesh

But soon the thorns fell.

The rose laid beautiful.


Full of delight and love

I could feel my body lighten

It wasn’t that I needed a barrier from all the vines and corkscrews in my life that kept the layers of black guck on my body

It was that through the pain

I needed a light.


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