“With a brain so clouded, how do you get anything accomplished?”


“Are you tired of me yet?”


“The hands of a picky eater is never thought through, with fingers like that my body cannot sustain.”


“Threads of gold tied around your fingers, tightening around my porcelain neck.”


“I wanted to get better, why won’t you let me?”


“You were lying when you said you would hold me all year, You were lying when you promised to be there for me, You were lying when you said you missed me, but I’m not lying when I say that I am scared.”


“White eyes chalked out on a board of space, when did the board become so big? When did the eyes pierce into me, I don’t remember when this happened but they are talking. With words like stolid poison, I don’t think I can swim through it.”


“Isn’t it funny how the christmas, cheeky, dreaming of sugar plums smile is replaced with the looped lips of smoke? Does anybody remember the feeling after told the truth?”


“Beggars cannot be chooser and whiners cannot be winners.”


“Tears like oil, suffocating on the petroleum.”


“I’m a little sick right now, but I swear I am trying.”


“When the princess turns out to be the dragon, you begin to wonder if all the dragons were princesses.”






Twirling fingers


“Beg me for forgiveness.”


“The thorned entrance into wonderland is not easy to climb, but with the cuts in my legs and the thorns shoved into my arms, I know now I cannot go back.”


“I am the riot.”


“Your voice used to be the sound of a cackling fire. Now my hands are covered in ash and my heart is engulfed in a flame.”


“Cotton Candy Boy”


“The dripping of crimson down my porcelain skin used to keep me warm. Now I refrain cold with the ancient reminder of when it was once sunny.”
“What a precious basketcase.”


“What is a puppet when the master goes home?”


“Begging for what I deserve seems harder than taking what I got.”


“The golden boy in my grey world has to be a mistake, but no one can erase him now.”


“Look me in my eyes, tell me everything’s not fine.”


“His eyes are better than any depressant I have ever taken.”


“Grab the thread around my throat and pull. You wouldn’t be the first.”




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